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May 18, 2004


Paige Evers

Thanks for blogging on the weekly texts! I agree that the heart of this pericope is witness, and the fact that Jesus is praying for us. I also agree with what you wrote about how this lesson is used to bolster ecumenical arguments. In my context, however, most people in the pews won't immediately think of ecumenical relationships when they hear this text. Instead, they'll be trying to figure out what Jesus is talking about with all the pronouns. What does it mean that "they" are "in us" and "I in them"? Why is Jesus praying for the disciples and the world? How are we realizing Jesus' prayer today when we share Christ with others? It's exciting to explore these questions in a sermon and to help people understand the deep love of God that Jesus extends to his followers in this text.

In Christ,

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